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Hi friend, big things are happening at Aries!

In 2022, Aries was selected as successor firm by another retiring financial planner in our area.

We’re thrilled with this growth opportunity, but it’s meant an influx of new clients all at one time. That has required special focus to help these clients join the Aries family comfortably while at the same time continuing to serve our long-time clients with the attention to detail they expect.

For the time being, we’ve paused new client onboarding outside of these successor relationships. We’re scaling up, buckling down on processes, and getting ready to re-open our doors to new clients once again some time in 2023. 

While we’d love to connect with each of you as soon as we can, the best way to stay in touch (and learn more about Aries in the meantime) is to join our email newsletter. 

Don’t worry, no spam and no aggressive sales: just insights and glimpses into how we do planning. Thanks for considering us, and we hope to connect soon. 

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